Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2008 Blessings

Dear Faithful,

We were so blessed in 2008. We had seen the number of total client visits jump from 2204 in 2007 to 2561 in 2008. As the number of clients continued to rise God continued to supply the need. We had received three grants in the last quarter of the year. We were blessed with $10,000 from St. Paul's Episcopal, $13,500 from the Efroymson fund, and $20,000 from the CERF fund. In November, we were seeing as many as 80+ families per week.

We had seen food drives from schools, corporations and civic organizations. Our holiday projects were such a miraculous blessing. At Thanksgiving, dozens of volunteers came and pack boxes. We had 301 cars come through our world famous "Turkey drive thru" and we served 46 families hot meals on Thanksgiving morning. All total God supplied over $11,000 worth of food to feed 1,283 people.

Once, Thanksgiving was completed our Christmas project began. Times were very hard this year for our clients and our sponsors. Yet God rose up folks that had never been involved before and those who have helped us from the very beginning. South Grove Intermediate School in Beech Grove graciously allowed us to use the gym for wrapping and distribution. What a blessing to spread everything out one time. We had corporations and school students and teachers adopt families. After all the deliveries were done, we were able to help 196 families and bless 493 children.

I had gotten an email from one mom that I just want to share. Because, it is how God uses us to make a difference. This mom had a 4th grader whose class room had adopted a famliy were the special request of a pair of little girls was bicycles. The classroom had not collected enough money to get the bikes. So, she went home to share with mom that she really wanted to see the girls get the bikes. Mom set her down and told her she would work an extra shift but she would have to give up part of her Christmas, too. Well the little girl was okay with that and the mom was able to get the bikes. Mom said it really made for a wonderful Christmas for them to give to others. That is how God touched this family through us. He continues to touch families every week. Come and help us serve the needs of families in 2009.

In His Service
Bill Boone