Monday, March 8, 2010

Christmas Surprises

It started with a couple getting married the first Saturday in December, they asked their guests to help them feed our families with a Christmas ham instead of getting wedding gifts for themselves. Each family who came to pick up their gifts or went to the Santa Shop was blessed with a ham for Christmas dinner.

Our toy connection had given their toys to Channel 6, one week before we were to give them away in the Santa Shop. God had already put things in place that we didn’t even know about, yet. I got a call from one of the Pastors at The Creek, one day after learning about the toys. He asked me if we had any needs for Christmas. I shared what had happened less than twenty four hours before. They told their folks of our need and within 48 hours God supplied through those people two truck loads of coats, hats, gloves and toys for the Santa Shop. Even after we had completed the distribution at South Grove there were still thirteen families we hadn’t helped.

As we were putting left over things away for next year, several groups brought more toys. I asked God are we to take care of those thirteen too? His response was just about instant, more toys came in. So, we did set up the Santa Shop in the pantry and blessed those last families on Christmas Eve. Tears flowed as moms and dads got things for their kids after already giving up hope. All together God used all of you and us to bless 231 families with 598 children.

I would like to conclude with just one special story. Linda and I were trying to decide where to eat lunch on Friday before the distribution. We hardly ever ate lunch at this restaurant, that day we did. As I was making calls to families for the Santa Shop, a young man came up to us with a note written on a napkin. Do you have Christmas? We said yes. Could I get Christmas for my daughter? We said yes. We told him when and where to come the next day. God put us there for His purpose. You see, God can use you too if you let Him. He will put you at the right place at His time and to share His love even if you have to communicate through a restaurant napkin. Here is that young man’s picture with his little girl.