Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings

Another year comes to a close and God’s blessings continue to flow through our ministry in a mighty way.

In our regular pantry operations we saw the numbers continue to go up. We are now seeing 70-90 families a week, blessing between 650 and 800 lives each month. Over six hundred new families came in 2009. We have served over 2,900 families since opening in October of 2003.

At Thanksgiving we had planned for 350 families. Total cost of the groceries was over $15,000. God did raise up groups and individuals to meet that need and added resources for 114 more families. God is so good to us. All totaled for that week 464 families were fed, blessing 1,712 lives. For all of you, who had a part in this outreach, thank you!